Monday, March 21, 2005

How does Trimble persuade unionists to vote for this then?

The SDLP has today launched their blueprint for a united Ireland. I'll leave aside all the points and explanation as to why he should have saved the paper but it really makes you wonder how Ulster Unionists were going to justify asking unionists in the west of the Province to vote SDLP.

The UUP's proposals (if you can call them that) for united candidates in some constituencies basically outlined that we should be voting for the SDLP in some constituencies. So at the time when the SDLP have decided that they are trying to be the 'supernationalist' and greener than green David Trimble expects unionists to line up and boost their vote tally by about 60,000 votes!

The SDLP really dont have a clue though - this paper wont put them one step closer to saving them from electoral meltdown. Instead of trying to act harder than the Shinners they'd be better off considering the proposals to get the Assembly back up and running with a Voluntary Coalition.


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