Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Is he back on the booze?

It seems from George Best's statment this morning that he has finally fallen back off the wagon and gone on the booze.

Yes he was a genius footballer and is undoubtedly the greatest sportsman Northern Ireland has produced, but when he comes out with drivel like this then I have absolutely no time for him.

Lets hope he nips home to the Cregagh estate some time soon and explains his desire for an all-Ireland football team to his former neighbours. You cant just join together two national teams because they might be a little more successful. I sat through the awful games under the Sammy McIlroy era - all those long goal-starved matches yet I never once thought that it would be so much better if we only had an all-Ireland team.

I support NORTHERN Ireland. If I just wanted to support a team that was more successful then I would call myself Paulo and pretend to be from Rio. George, if you've got nothing useful to say then say nothing at all, or at least sober up before you speak in the future.


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